Stream Content Effortlessly To Your HDTV With Google’s Chromecast Or Roku’s Streaming Stick

If you haven’t head about Google’s Chromecast by now then you need to get out from under that rock you call a home before people start calling you Patrick Star. Chromecast is an external dongle that you plug into your HDTV’s HDMI port which allows you to stream content from any mobile device to your television.

What this means is that you can watch YouTube videos, Netflix, Hulu or any other type of media on your television without your actual set being hooked up to the internet. It also means you don’t need a fancy Blu-ray player or gaming console to stream media through either. Almost everybody these days has a laptop, tablet or smartphone, all of which are compatible with Chromecast.

Now, your device does have to be connected to the internet either via 4G or WiFi. Once connected your device, if compatible, will automatically ask you to connect to Chromecast if the device is operational and your laptop or smartphone is attempting to play something compatible with the dongle, like a video.

A device like this is perfect for traveling too. How often have you gotten to your hotel room and have been forced to watch Netflix on your laptop? Or worse, not even have your laptop and resort to using your smartphone? While those options may not be too bad for people traveling by themselves, it does make it difficult if you are with your significant other or your family. With the Chromecast, you can stream content directly to the tv in the hotel room, allowing everyone to watch with ease.

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While Google’s Chromecast is by far the most well-known device of its kind on the market it is hardly the only one. Roku just released a very similar device to challenge Chromecast. The device, known as teh Roku Streaming Stick, is a little more pricier than Chromecast coming in at $50 compared to Google’s $35 price tag.

We can’t tell at this time how that is affecting sales. Roku announced that it has sold over 8 million streaming devices (including set-top boxes) while Google has yet to divulge any information about Chromecast sales. The higher price of Roku’s device comes from the company’s hopes that the broader array of apps that it offers over Chromecast will help drive product sales. Roku has over 1,200 apps including Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus and apps for the MLB and NBA. Chromecast sits on a measly 14 apps with things like Netflix and HBO Go also included.

Both devices are currently for sale with Amazon being one of the better places to buy. If you don’t already have a Blu-ray player or a gaming console that allows you access to these same apps then the Chromecast or Roku Streaming Stick are perfect for you! Especially if you find yourself living out of hotel rooms.

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