Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Lets You Shop With It’s Fingerprint Sensor

After all of the waiting we have done, on Monday Samsung finally unveiled their new flagship, the Galaxy S5. It has just about everything that we all hoped for. It has a bigger screen, a better camera, and a fingerprint sensor! Obviously, they already got beat to the punch with the whole fingerprint sensor thing by Apple, but there is something that this one does that Apple’s doesn’t: The Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor can also be used for password protection for sending PayPal payments.

Along with Samsung, PayPal also announced on Monday that they will be letting the Galaxy S5 users make password free payments online or at any retailers that accept PayPal as a method of payment, and all you need is your finger. This is huge for your security, because it is really easy to find yourself in an identity theft situation when all of your information and your passwords are stored on a device connected to an unsecured network. Never again will you have to worry about your PayPal information getting taken from you. The only information stored on the Galaxy S5 will be a unique encryption key that verifies your identity for PayPal.

For most people, this is a pretty big deal, and a big selling point. It’s 2014, and most people do a great deal of their shopping online. And pretty much every single online retailer accepts PayPal. Not only is it widely accepted, but it is one of the safest methods of payment as well, and provides buyer protection for every purchase which basically eliminates scams and other complications. And now, one of the most convenient shopping tools in the world just got even easier, all you need is your finger to log in and make any purchase that you please.

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Other companies like Apple and HTC have put out their fingerprint technology with the iPhone 5S and the HTC One Max, but none of them really serve much of a purpose other than being able to show off to your friends that you have the newest technology. Samsung actually went a step further and took this and made it something that we can actually use for a real purpose.

Apple of course, isn’t planning on partnering with PayPal. Why would they, right? They are always trying to do something completely off the map and putting out products that are “almost” perfect. But co-founder Tim Cook said that he was intrigued by this idea, and said that it is possible for Apple to start working on their own type of payment method with their touch-ID. So we can expect to see some sort of slightly less convenient version of this technology from Apple in the near future.

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