Should Mobile Tech For Kids Become More Of A Reality?

It seems like it was just yesterday that the Game Boy came out, and everyone and their mothers were going crazy for the new device. Nowadays, it isn’t strange to see a child of age 9 or 10 walking around with an iPhone or a tablet. It’s no secret that both of these devices are fairly expensive, depending on the makes and models, so to see children wielding them is a bit odd. After all, many of us “90’s” and “80’s” kids didn’t have iPhones or iPads. We had walkmans, Super Nintendos, and Hot Wheels cars. Technology is moving at an incredibly fast pace, but it does beg the question of whether or not mobile tech should become more catered to kids.

The kids market is obviously a huge one. Toy’s R’ Us is still in business if that says anything. But time does change things. New “toys” come out for kids. Recently, these “toys” have started to become more and more advanced in terms of what they can do. Take the Leap Frog Leap Pad for example, a child’s learning tablet, and it is fully functional. And, again, it’s not odd to see children working smartphones. They sometimes work them better than adults do.

Even more recently, a new “Smartwatch” has become available for kids. The new KidiZoom Smartwatch from VTech was just showcased. VTech is a tech toy company, in case you were unaware. The watch itself is only available in two colors (pink and blue) currently. The watch has two buttons, one of which works the home screen function. The other button is used to capture video footage and take photos. It also comes with three different built-in games for the kids. Software for the device will, more than likely, cost around $49.99. And, of course, the watch will also tell time in both digital and analog fashions. The watch’s camera even has filters and distortion effects for the pictures (getting them ready for the world of Instagram, if they aren’t in it already).

The watch has memory storage space, but no one is sure how much is available for photo and video storage. More than likely, a parent will have to transfer all of the footage onto a computer.

This is where some questions begin to arise. Should companies start implementing more kid models for new tech devices? The sad fact is that it is already happening, whether you approve of it or not. Many of us don’t even own a smartwatch yet, and they already have one in development for kids. This, among other kid friendly tech devices, is a big chance to boost the market. Not to mention the fact that having these kids get accustomed to using the newly emerging tech could ensure they buy the more advanced real versions when they are ready. The new smartwatch is not yet available, and we won’t be seeing it till around fall of this year.

Many of these mobile tech devices for kids are being aimed at younger demographics. The new KidiZoom Smartwatch, for example, is being aimed at children 3 to 9. Not a bad move to get children used to these devices, as these devices may be shaping the new tech and business moguls of the future.


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