Will The New iPhone 6 Be Bezel-Free?

Apple and SamsungSometimes, it can be the little things that get us through the day. It can be as simple as a smile, a friendly nod, or the latest news at the water cooler. Gossip and rumors, much like money, help make the world go round. When a product, especially one from Apple, is announced, we can expect to hear rumors for days. “It is going to feature holograms! It is going to have a built in projector! In can make Julian cut fries!” Okay, so maybe not that last rumor. However, since the the announcement of the iPhone 6, rumors and speculation have been circulating through cyberspace. What is the latest one this time? A possible edge-to-edge bezel-free screen design.

There are numerous mockups floating around the internet, and almost all of them include a bezel-less design. The edge-to-edge design would serve more of a purpose than just aesthetics. Should the design be a true thing, the other rumor is that the screen would support the fingerprint scanning. This would be a nice, and possibly functional, upgrade from the home button fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S that could apparently be opened by a cat paw. While it is still just a rumor, this could cause the iPhone 6 to see a slightly better response for its security feature than the iPhone 5S.

Having the bezel-free screen isn’t the first time that this has been spread. This particular rumor has been circulating around many different iPhone releases for quite some time now. The Korea Herald is the one spreading the rumor this time, and the best part is, it isn’t just with the iPhone 6. Their is also mockups of the new S5 on the site that show a bezel-free edge-to-edge screen design as well. If this were the case, the Korea Herald suggested that there may be a new touch panel to allow for a bezel-less design for the S5. What many people don’t realize is this though; these are all just rumors. Nothing of the new iPhone 6 design has been confirmed yet. At least, not aesthetically. The iPhone 6 is still a long ways away before anything official is announced. After all, Apple is till working on other projects, such as the new iWatch that will try to compete in the emerging smartphone market.

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In terms of this rumor, it is being spread through certain blogs that follow the Apple brand very closely. It is not out of the question that something like this could come to fruition, but again, these are mockups not even from Apple officials. We know that there will be an iPhone 6, but nothing really more than that. The S5 is more than likely being released on Feb. 24th, at the Unpacked 5 event, so their rumor will be put to rest shortly. The new iPhone 6 will have to wait. Everything heard, read, or talked about right now is strictly speculation and wishful thinking. It’s never a bad thing to wish for crazy new features in upcoming technology, but don’t forget to actually enjoy the technology you already have available to you know. Spend more time in the present and less in the future.

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