Is Apple Thinking About Making An Android Phone?

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, dropped a pretty crazy and neat idea while speaking at the Apps World Conference in San Francisco. He said that Apple may want to consider getting into the Android market, and offering a completely Android based Apple phone. The idea apparently comes from a fear of becoming the next BlackBerry and having the same thing happen. There is a lot of pressure on Apple all the time because of their track record of putting out new innovative products all the time. If they can’t continue to put out the next big thing, then they will have to start making Android phones in order to not be forgotten about. Could this even be possible?

Apple has had huge ideas that have turned into huge success. The iPhone is literally one of the craziest things that has ever happened in the world. The iPad was a brand new idea as well, and the two products created whole new categories of products. This type of thing doesn’t happen often, and it doesn’t happen over night. Apple has been really fortunate the past few years, and they have basically changed the tech world as we know it. But what if Apple can’t keep coming up with brand new products that will be life changing? Will people stop caring? It’s too late for BlackBerry to compensate by getting into the Android market, maybe Apple has learned from BlackBerry’s mistake and are going to make the best of it.

Wozniak went pretty in depth with the idea, although he didn’t really say the idea was an actual thing that they were thinking of doing. He said that Tim Cook needs more time as the CEO of Apple before he could feel comfortable making any huge decisions like that.

It’s hard to say if an Apple Android phone will ever be released for sure. Though, if it came down to it, I would hope that Apple would realize that they need to get into the Android world before it’s too late, and do the exact opposite of what BlackBerry did. It seems like that time will probably come at some point. People will eventually move onto something else besides having the craziest, most expensive smartphone on the market. Android has the lower to middle class cell phone game on lock down, they can’t be touched or even slowed down. And realistically, they can do a ton more. When more people start to think of it from this perspective, it’s going to be a problem for Apple.

Can you imagine the smoothness of Android running on top notch Apple hardware though? I honestly think that it would be the greatest smartphone of all time. Though I do love my iPhone, I will always think that it’s biggest downfall is the operating system and its limitations. Times will change.

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