Asus Offering the New VivoTab Note 8 on Microsoft’s Online Store for $329

Tablets have become a very popular product for travelers. Businessmen and tech travelers alike have been attracted to tablets as a way of keeping all their necessary computing needs with them on the go while maintaining a very portable device.

When tablets first hit the market, they were a niche for most people. The first wave of tablets had a lot of great features but they didn’t have quite the processing power of a laptop. Things have changed over the years since and tablets have come a long way.

Most tablets today have almost all the features and power of a full-fledged laptop while still maintaining their portability. As a result, tablets have become a more popular choice for professionals who are always on the road. The bad thing is that for most professionals, finding a tablet that satisfies all the necessary needs can be expensive.

Thankfully, such a thing as sales still occur, and tablets are no exception. The most recent tablet to get a fancy new sale price is the VivoTab Note 8 from Asus. This tablet, which runs on Android 8.1, has just been marked down to a very reasonable $329.

The tablet popped up on Microsoft’s online store during the weekend. The VivoTab Note 8 was introduced at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show and offers an 8″ HD screen with Intel’s Atom processor running things under the hood. As you can probably tell by the name, this tablet comes with a stylus, allowing you to digitally write things down in the tablet.

This offering from Asus is going head to head with Samsung’s Galaxy Note line of  devices. Samsung’s offerings also come with digital stylus support, making both offerings great for businessmen. The only real problem for Asus here is making the stylus feel natural and not something that will have trouble with the Windows operating system it is using.

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The other problem here, at least for consumers, is that unfortunately the VivoTab Note 8 is currently out of stock on Microsoft’s online store. There hasn’t been any word from either Microsoft or Asus on exactly when the tablet will be available again, though customers can expect to receive free shipping on their purchase as well as free returns, provided they are unsatisfied with their product.

Tablets are one of the best devices for anybody who finds themselves frequenting conventions, trade shows and conferences or for anyone who is constantly on the road or traveling for business. Pricing is definitely a big factor for most tablet purchases and when you boil it all down, you’ll be hard pressed to beat $329.

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