Apple’s New iBeacons May Become The New Way To Gather Information

Wireless CommunicationsChange is scary. That goes without saying. Even so, it is inevitable. The way things are changed is a different story. Slowly integrating changes is the best way to go about things, especially when they involve money and information. Many of us aren’t exactly keen on sharing personal banking information online, let alone in person, but we do it anyway. It doesn’t make it less scary. Apple and its brand of unique ingenuity are at it again however. Trying to implement a new change in how we work our iPhones. A new way to gather information on products, read reviews, even pay for products. How could they make a big enough change to alter the common way to do things though? Their answer? iBeacon.

Imagine for a moment playing a video game. You are on level one and the tutorial starts. The developers have programmed certain helpful messages to pop up at certain times for the player to view. Obviously you have to get to a certain point in the game for the hints and tips to pop up though. You must be at, or near that marker for the program to activate. Much like the typical video game way of helpful hints and tutorials is how the new iBeacon works.

The new iBeacon was released, without any real noise being made for it, at the World Wide Developer Conference. This conference was the same place we saw the new iOS7 launched. It is possible that the new iOS update may have shadowed the iBeacon release as well. That, or it just may have been kept in the dark until now. After all of the waiting though, Apple developers have now given their consumers something else to utilize with their iPhones. Should these iBeacons be placed at different stadiums, shops, parks, or other various venues, you will see exactly what could become the future of information gathering.

The iBeacons run on a new type of Bluetooth that uses much less energy than the regular version that we are all used to. The new Bluetooth LE grants two-way communication between the two devices using it, as long as they are within close enough proximity. The low consumption of energy needed for the iBeacon is apparently so low that Apple has even made reports of them being able to run without any real help for up to 3 years. The iBeacons are not connected to any type of internet. When you receive information from them, you can rest knowing that the iBeacon is not taking any information for you that you are not allowing it to. They are designed to give, more than take. They are looking to be placed in specific locations to make things a bit easier where they need to be. Should you be curious about how much a product is or where to buy it, and you are near enough to a beacon, the beacon will give you the information you need to know.

As of now, there are only a few locals that are seeing the new iBeacons, but Apple plans to expand overtime. The goal is to see these added to multiple locals and make transactions and receiving information more seamless. Lets just hope people won’t be weirded out by seeing them pop up more and more.


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