Is There A Solar Powered MacBook In Our Near Future?

Apple has been trying to find more natural energy sources for their MacBooks for a while. In 2010, the company filed for a patent for a laptop with a lid that has touch sensors, a second display, and solar cells. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the patent this week, and that means that the next generation of MacBooks could stay powered on the move forever with zero hassle.

More Specifically, the patent is for an “electronic device display module”. It will be a two sided, all glass laptop casing that has a regular screen on the front and another one on the back. The housing for the display has photovoltaic cells that charge the laptop using sunlight and other light sources.

The lid is likely to be made of a lot of different materials including glass, metal, and maybe fiber components. The other back side of the lid would probably be a type of smart glass so that you could change the opacity, either blocking out the light or allowing it to pass through. This would hide the display located on the back until the user decides to make the glass transparent and charge the laptop via the photovoltaic cells.

We’re talking about a super futuristic looking computer here. The LED lit Apple logo sitting on transparent glass is going to look really slick, which is one of the main things Apple is already known for, but this is seriously taking it to the next level.

The look of the computer isn’t the only thing that is awesome about the use of smart glass. The rear panel on the lid could be used as a security measure. Like the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S, the same type of technology could be used on the new MacBook. Think of all the possibilities: You could use your fingerprint to un-do a latch to open your MacBook, keeping anyone else from even opening it. Instead of typing in passwords every time, you could use your fingerprint. You could probably even use the touch sensors to control things like volume, brightness, and anything else.

I’m excited to see where this goes. The possibilities are absolutely endless, but the one thing that we can all count on is that this will probably be the best looking laptop of all time upon it’s release.

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