Is The iPod Dead?

Apple logoAh nostalgia. Remember Super Nintendos? Remember all of the things you used to do as a kid? The fact is, is that times change, people change. No one and nothing can stay the same forever. It is a sad fact of life, but it is the truth. And much like people, technology changes too. We see progression and we learn to say goodbye to the old tech that used to fill our lives. We always tend to move on so quickly when a new piece of technology arrives. A new TV. A new game console. A new smartphone. Technology can tend to have a pretty short time span. Take the iPod for example. Could it be possible that the one thing that was able to re-establish the Apple company is dying out?

The simple answer? Yes, it is.

This does not come without reason though. There is always a reason why a piece of tech dies out. The main reason is financials. Think about it. When was the last time you heard someone say “I can’t wait to go out and by and iPod”? During quarter 1 of 2013, Apple saw about 12 million iPods sold. Quarter 1 of this year however, only saw about 6 million sold. In one year, their numbers have dropped by half. With the cut in iPod sales, the company also saw a tremendous loss in revenue from the landmark MP3 players. Quarter 1 last year brought in $2.1 million, as opposed to Quarter 1 of this year which saw less than a million in revenue.

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When the iPod first came out, it literally took the MP3 world by storm. We were first introduced to this little 6.5oz white music player in 2001 one. It only worked with Mac computers, actually had physical, pushable buttons, and 5GB of storage. It’s slogan was “1,000 songs in your pocket”. It’s price tag was set at $399. That is still quite a bit of money even today, but 13 years ago it was even more substantial. Since that time, the iPhone and iPad have both come out. Both of these products do exactly what your iPod does, only more.

Something else to think about are the updates to the software on these devices. The last software update was 2 years ago. 2012 saw the most recent iPod update. Most devices see updates usually every 3 to 6 months. Albeit these updates are usually small ones, for example version 2.1.1 of something, they are still updates that show progress for a product that is seeing interest and sales. The lack of updates for the iPod is yet another indicator that show just how much this product is on its last leg.

It has had quite a long run, and no one can deny Apple that. 13 years of continuous sales can really same something about a company and it’s development team. With that being said, lets be real and see the Apple products for what they are. Your new iPad is just a large iPod Touch. Your iPad Mini is a medium iPod Touch. Your iPhone is just an iPod touch with a calling and texting feature. It is not to be harsh, but to just show what Apple has essentially done. The creation of these products have undoubtedly marked the end of the iPod. So long iPod, you lived a very good and every long life.


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