The Top 3 Megatrends For Meetings And Events!

Large Screen Rental for ConferenceSuccess. That is always the key for any business, no matter what the product may be. A key factor to this success lies in how we convey our information and ideas. Meetings, conventions, and other events help us create a better segway for us to relay information to others. Whether it be a benefactor, potential investor, or all of your employees in a single room, having more efficient ways to get ideas and changes across to a company is crucial. It just isn’t practical these days to stand up in a room full of people and speak. There are better ways to get what you need to get across.

Let’s take a look at Technology.

A staggering, yet unsurprising 42% of survey respondents said that technology is one of the most influential factors in the future of business meetings. To be completely honest, this is nothing but pure logic at it’s finest. Think at how quickly technology is advancing. It seems that almost daily, there is a new piece of tech on the market. The tech and software that we have now are slowly breaking down the barriers of physical attendance in meetings. Video calling, such as Skype. Speech to text, such as Dragon. Email services, and even recording meetings. All of these working in tandem with each other are only improving the way that we are able to transfer knowledge and ideas to our attendees.

Now lets look at Mobility.

Mobility is something that most people wouldn’t really take into consideration. With that being said, a surprising 26% of those that took the survey said that meetings and conventions could be more “green”. As quickly as ideas come and go, it is invaluable to have the meeting or event in a place that is easily accessible. Attendees need to be brought to and from the meeting quickly, comfortably, and in a way that has the least amount of negative influence on the surrounding environment. Since going green is such a big thing with the turn of the millennium, it would only make sense to see business events going green as well. What better way to have a more positive outlook on your company and its ideas that by maintaining a “green standard” in a quick and cozy way?

Finally comes Sustainability.

Being able to maintain something fresh to keep meeting attendees and convention goers interested is a feat all of its own. Another 26% of survey takers agreed that it will be a huge role in the future of events and meetings. What exactly does sustainability include though? It can include anything from the food, the entertainment, the venue, renovations or construction to that venue, and even ways to get to the venue. If we are able to maintain feeling of “freshness” towards all of these aspects, it will only help to gain more attention as each meeting or event takes place.

Keep in mind that there are plenty more ideals that can be utilized to help make events a lot more involved. These are just the top 3 that could be deemed most important. The proper use of these factors in meetings for 2014 will help maintain success for a company and the events that it holds.


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