New “Smart Strip” Could Save You A Ton On Your Next Electric Bill


Did you know that things like your TV, computer, coffee maker and alarm clock still use energy even when they aren’t in use? Even your cell phone and laptop chargers. This is surprising to most people.

Pretty much everybody turns their computer off when they aren’t using it or unplugs their cell phone after it is fully charged. Do we really have the time to physically unplug everything that we aren’t using in our home or office though? No, that actually sounds ridiculous. As it turns out, there is a very quick and easy solution to this that will save you a ton on your next electric bill.

Here is the answer: The Smart Strip: A power strip equipped with advance circuitry that offers wonderful power surge protection and line noise filtering. The Smart Strip also has the ability to analyze the flow of the electrical current through its control outlet. This technology gives the power strip the ability to completely turn off whatever is plugged in when it is not being used. There is no other power strip on the market that offers this type of benefit.

The most beneficial thing that the Smart Strip has going for it is the ability to prevent a “phantom load”. Don’t know what that means? It’s ok, no one else has any idea either. But to fill you in, a “phantom load” is a term for any electrical appliance or device that uses any energy at all when it is turned off. Some people also refer to them as “vampire appliances” or “energy vampires”. But no matter what you call them, chances are you are surrounded by them at all times in your home and your office. According to Cornell University, this adds about $200 to your electric bill every single year.

As we have come to realize, the “off” button doesn’t really do what it says it does. On a TV for example, it’s never really turned off. When you hit the power button on a TV it actually is more like a “standby” mode. Apparently, it’s likely that your TV uses more power in the time that you have it turned “off” than it does in the amount of time that you’re actually watching it. Nuts right? We are using the equivalent of seven electrical generating plants just to have all of our appliances turned off, says Cornell University.

The most common energy wasting appliances would be things with remote controls (TV, home stereo equipment), appliances with continuous play (microwaves, ovens, clocks), cordless phones, digital cameras with rechargeable batteries, and appliances that require external power supplies (cell phones, laptops, iPods).

Long story short, the Smart Strip senses the current draw of the device that your accessories are serving. When your TV and computer is in use, the Smart Strip supplies power to DVD players and scanners. It will save you from turning on everything you need to use at one time for a specific task. Simply turn on the main device and all of it’s “followers” will turn on as well. Not only that, but just using it saves you $200 every year? Sounds smart to me.

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