Leather Smart Gloves Copy Human Touch Properties

touchpoint leather gloveWe all know that wonderful time of year where the cold becomes so unbearable that it is next to impossible to properly use, let alone, enjoy your smartphone or mobile device. Your fingertips go numb or start to get that awful burning sensation from the incredible cold weather, you go to put on gloves to deal with the chill, and you get a phone call or a text. Next, you pull out your phone and try to answer the call or respond to the text. Here is where the annoying part comes in. The gloves you bought keep you warm, but they don’t you interact with the touch screen functions of your phone or tablet like products were designed for. So now you are in quite the pickle.

Don’t fret! While yes there are many gloves out there that can allow you to work your devices by use through the finger tips, there is now another glove that doesn’t leave you to the constraints of just your fingertips.

Welcome to the table AEON Attire‘s Smart Gloves.

The company is offering up a collection of genuine leather gloves that allow you to continue using your mobile devices as the great tech wizards intended, while still remaining stylish and warm. The gloves are said to be waterproof and windproof, which will help maintain the quality of the leather. There is something a bit different for the other glove, though. The new AEON gloves are designed with nanotechnology that is designed to mimic the conductive properties of your own skin. So what does that mean exactly? Well simply put, it just means that you are not just restricted to your fingertips anymore, and can use any part of the glove as the entire external portion of the glove is designed to act just like human skin.

The company has only 6 days left on their Kickstarter Campaign, but AEON has nothing to worry about as they have already more than surpassed their $2,500 Canadian dollar goal. The campaign has already passed its mark more than ten-fold, and is currently sitting at a little over $26,000 Canadian dollars. Upon looking at the kickstarter campaign page, you can see that the company is trying to take advantage of the Christmas holiday by guaranteeing arrivals for the first pre-orders before Christmas time, and are said to be shipped out by Dec. 15th to give ample time to wrap them up and put them under the tree.

With everyone always complaining about the cold weather and not being able to use their smartphones for longer than 5 seconds without feeling like their hands are frozen, these gloves could be a very sound investment for anyone who is always on the go or just wants to keep warm while remaining stylish. Any businessman who is constantly sending and receiving emails will greatly benefit from these new Touchpoint Leather Gloves. That $65 Canadian dollar, or $62 American dollar, price tag should feel quite nice as well. Not a bad Christmas for anyone receiving these, especially if they will be getting some use.

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