Will The “Ring-Clock” Be The Latest Tech Fashion Statement?

ringclockWe all know that one person who is always late to EVERYTHING. Whether it be fashionably late, or ridiculously late, tardy is still tardy. In today’s world of constant hustle and bustle, it is very easy to get caught up in the moment and lose track of time, even if you have a watch. For some it would seem that there is no hope. I might be one of those people. But, you on the other hand, my not be. We know that wearable tech is getting to become a more popular demand nowadays. Take the Samsung Galaxy Gear for example. This companion “smartwatch” works in tandem with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to give you easier access to your tech, while also being a pretty nifty fashion statement. Well now we have another piece to add to our tech wardrobe.

Enter in the new “Ring-Clock”. As the name would suggest, it is, in fact, exactly what it sounds like. A ring that tells time.

Now although we already have many other devices that tell us time already, such as our phones, tablets, any mobile device, clock, and even sun-dials for our more sophisticated time-tellers, there can be seen some sense of novelty to this item. Fashion statement or practical use, either one could be justified to the right person.

Don’t be confused by the olden ring watches of the past in the early 2000’s. This new “ring-clock” is sporting a much more sleek and sexy design this time around. Looking oddly reminiscent of a high tech gadget that your favorite action movie spy might wear, the ring features a stainless steel finish around its entirety, along with having a back lit LED display for the “face” of the clock. The stainless steel will also not oxidize, turn black, and is allergy free for those that may be concerned. The video posted by the company on YouTube and its IndieGoGo campaign show just how high-tech telling time can actually look.

So we know that the watch may LOOK cool, but how exactly is something like this going to be able to actually tell time with the face completely encompassing the outside of the ring. This may very well be the coolest part of the whole thing. By simply turning either the minute, second, or hour “wheel” on the ring, the LED display will display the current time including each second as it passes by. After activated the clock, the display will remain lit for up to 1 minute, and then fade.

The ring charges wirelessly as well, another very handy feature implemented by the creators of the device. By placing it on the jet black charging pad, the ring will charge. The pad is also the tool used to set the proper time for it’s respective users. A full charge on the ring will take about two hours tops. The ring is said to have a week long battery life, that is, if it is only activated up to 15 times per day. There is about two hours of constant use per full charge should you feel the compelling need to rotate the face of the “ring-clock” consistently.

The earliest time to expect this product on your hand, or anyone’s hand for that matter won’t be until around April of next year and the price tag is also pretty hefty for such a small device. $195 is how much you will be down if you expect to be sporting the latest in time-telling tech fashion. Perfect for anyone trying to gain a more sophisticated look to there wardrobe, or that business partner that always seems to be late to every meeting you have. Fashionable? Definitely. Practical? That is debatable. If you are into tech fashion or might be looking to impress with your new pair of Google Glasses as well, there is that. But before you decide to shell out the $195, remember that you can look at that clock on your wall and get the same exact effect.

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