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The iPhone 5s and 5c literally just came out and are still fresh in our minds. But, with the release of the in between “s” models, we always know that the next generation is just around the corner. Now, there have already been some rumors of the next iPhone. Supposedly, the iPhone 6 will be out in late 2014. What can we expect? We have some information from a few reliable sources, and a few not so reliable sources. Here is the news so far.

release date:
It seems like Apple is pretty consistent with their iPhone releases, meaning that in the later half of next year we will certainly be due for a new model. Some rumors have said that it is set for a June 2014 release date, but I don’t think that makes much sense if you look at the past iPhone releases. My guess is that it will be almost precisely a year after the iPhone 5s was released until we see the iPhone 6. Citi’s Glen Yeung also believes that we wont see it until the fall season of next year. This is just logical.

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iPhone 6 Casing:
It has been suggested that there may be three different sizes of the next iPhone release. A few different mock up images have hit he internet, although there is no way to tell if they are valid or not. Either way, the three different sizes are being called the iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone6, and iPhone XL. Again, this seems like a stretch to me, but I have been known to underestimate past releases. The new photos popping up look like the next iPhone will have a sleek metal casing similar to the 5 and 5s, but people have said that it is actually a very scratch prone plastic with a matte finish, more inspired by the 5c.

It also appears that there may be no buttons on the whole phone, and everything including the side volume buttons will be controlled just by touch. That is pretty neat.

iOS 8:
It’s no secret that the new operating system is already in the works. Once again, if we look at the past, releasing iOS 8 in the later part of next year would make perfect sense. You know what else would make perfect sense? Releasing a new phone to go along with it and compliment the new OS.

We have seen the release of a 128GB iPad already, and Apple seems to be raising the storage of their entry level iPhone’s already, as we have seen with the iPhone 5. It’s deffinitely not out of the question. We’ll have to see.

Home Button:
According to Business Insider, there are many iPhone 6 prototypes, but one of them has a large Retina+ IGZO display and a “new form factor with no home button.” It is also said that gesture control isn’t out of the question either.

The Retina+ IGZO display would without question have a 1080p Full HD resolution. As I said earlier, it is also rumored that Apple plans to release a few different sizes of the phone to compete with the large amount of Android devices on the market today.

Now, this next part may be completely false. It comes from China Times, who isn’t always right (key word here being “always”, so we’ll see), but apparently the new iPhone’s code name may be “iPhone Math”, which is possible to be a mistranslation of “iPhone+”. It is said to have a 4.8 inch display.
Recently Apple has filed a few new patents that include a new technology that can hide sensors and cameras. Will this new idea make it into the iPhone 6?

No surprises here, it’s either going to be a quad core A8 or a new version of the A7. What else did you expect? At least we know we can count on much improved battery life.

Everyone seems to think that Apple will include some of the technology that Samsung is putting out in order to compete with the Galaxy phones. But I think that those people are going to be disappointed. I think they are going to push Samsung as far away as possible and go a completely new route from top to bottom with their next generation iPhone.

This is where things get really cool. Apple has bought lenses from Sony in the past, and with this new iPhone release we can expect a 13 megapixel sensor that takes up less room without suffering any loss of quality.

It’s also rumored that the new camera, and display, will have 3D capabilities. That is neat and all, but who really cares? The HTC EVO 3D completely bombed. After the first week, you were almost embarrassed to tell anyone that you had a 3D phone because it was just a novelty that seemed childish. It didn’t even look that great, honestly.

Also, an Apple Patent uncovered by Apple Insider back in May tells of a system that can remotely control external flashes, just like professional cameras you would expect to see in studios. What?! That’s awesome!

Eye Tracking:
In my opinion, it was a huge mistake to release the iPhone 5s without an eye tracking feature. It is one of the coolest new features that companies are starting to put in their new smartphones. Apple can not ignore this new movement any longer. It hasn’t been confirmed, or even rumored that much, but I would go as far as to say that I would be appalled if the new iPhone doesn’t feature some sort of technology like this.

Finally: Wireless Charging

I remember when the iPhone 5 came out. I was offended. None of my old chargers would work with my new phone, and Apple said they changed it to the smaller version because they were “working toward wireless charging technology”. I don’t think making a newly shaped, still very wired charger was making any steps toward that at all. I think it was just a pain. But now that they have slacked on the technology of their newest releases and other companies have already released wirelessly charged devices, you can almost say for a fact that the new iPhone will feature wireless charging.

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