Why You Should Buy an Android Tablet

Here are a few reasons that you should probably go out and buy and Android tablet.

Since companies have started making Android tablets, they have come a very long way. In the early days, most tablets were basically glorified over sized smartphones that were slow, laggy, and had pretty much zero app content. But today there are plenty of nice Android tablets that we could suggest, ones that actually do cool things. This being said, Apple iPads are still the king of the industry, and the Windows pro tablets are the only truly useful laptop replacement tablets suitable for business. So, you want to know why or if you should buy an Android? Read on.

Reason 1: Price
For the average person, this may be the most important reason to go with an Android tablet. When Android tablets first came out they had a huge problem. The problem was that they simply were not anywhere near as good as iPads, and they pretty much had the same price tag. A cheap Android tablet was basically considered a terrible piece of junk that should be used as a coaster to put your beer on. Over the past couple of years though, that has all changed. If you want a high end consumption device that is bigger than a smartphone then you might find that the iPad is the best choice, but you’ll pay for that decision. Dial down the price a bit and you can find some really great products at very affordable prices.

The Tesco Hudl, Google’s Nexus tablet, the Nook devices, even the Kindle Fire’s are all very high end products from proven manufacturers. They are all much cheaper than the current iPads on the market and the better Windows products. There is definitely some value to be found in the Android world.

Reason 2: Variety

If you feel like you can’t escape the 10 inch tablet world created by Apple, then you definitely have options. From 6 inch screen sizes, children’s tablets, all the way to hybrid devices like the Asus’ Padfone: there is more variety in the Android side of the universe than the Apple side. Even more so than with the Windows side.

The Kindle Fire HD is a completely different device than the LeapFrog LeapPad or the Nexus 10, but they are all based on the Android platform. If you will remember, Apple used to always be against the 7 inch tablet size made popular by Google and the Asus Nexus 7. Some people have said that the iPad Mini was inspired by Android products. But there is absolutely no way that could be true… Am I right?

Reason 3: App and Media Freedom

I personally think that Apple creates wonderful products for what they are, so this is not me taking shots at them or their products, this is just the honest truth: If you have an Apple product and want to buy music or maybe a season of your favorite show, and you don’t want to buy it on iTunes… You’re just out of luck. Have you ever checked the prices on buying a whole series on iTunes? It’s a little bit annoying. If you are on the Android operating system, you can buy music, movies and anything else you want from any place that you choose. Go ahead, shop around for a bargain!

Reason 4: USB connectivity and Universal Chargers
There really isn’t much to say here, but it’s a huge point. There isn’t an aftermarket of third party accessories for your Android tablet, and there shouldn’t be. Pretty much without exception, all Android tablets charge and connect with a regular little micro USB. Everyone in the world probably has like 50 of these just laying around! THEY ALL WORK!

Reason 5: External Storage
This is the biggest deal for me personally. I don’t want to download extra programs, I don’t want to sync my tablet to anything, I want to DRAG AND DROP. With Android, it’s that simple. Plug it into your computer and it will act like any other external storage device. Simply grab the photos, videos, music or any other media you want and just drag it into the Tablet. BOOM. Done. Shouldn’t like always be this easy?

Reason 6: We all know you use Google, quit denying it and keep using Google.

I would say “if you’re a Google user”, but let’s be real here, I already know you are. So, many of the sites and services you use already tie into your Android tablet! Got Gmail? Hey what do you know, it’s already there. Just sign in to Android and your mail is waiting for you. And hey, since you did that, all of your Google Docs are right there with it, and Google Maps is ready and waiting to take you home. All you have to do is sign in, and you’ve already solved like 10 problems that you had before you bought the tablet. I might be exaggerating, but the messed up thing is I’m really not exaggerating THAT MUCH.

Reason 7: Storage expansion
This one kind of speaks for itself. It really sucks for any iPad user who runs out of storage space because they have too many movies, songs, or pictures. They literally can’t do one thing about it besides delete the things they love or buy another tablet. If you have an Android tablet and need more room, head down to Wal-Mart and buy an SD card for a few dollars and pop it right in. More storage instantly. No big deal, problem solved.

Reason 8: Unique Features
There are some other features that are available on Android tablets that you can’t get on any other platform. It doesn’t come standard on ALL Android tablets, but you can find units that feature things like wireless charging. What? Come on, that’s awesome. Apple said that they were working on wireless charging, and they gave us a really small and fragile iPhone 5 charger and called it their next step toward it. That literally doesn’t even make sense at all. You can find other cool things like kick stands for watching movies, some tablets offer integration with your shopping carts, all kinds of neat and different things that you wont find anywhere but Android.

Reason 9: Recent Models are REALLY Good.

Like I said earlier, this wasn’t always the case. Just a few short years ago you either had an iPad or you had junk, and that was just it. But now you can get an Android tablet that does just about anything, and I can’t even think of one relevant app that isn’t available on the Android OS.

Reason 10: Be Cool.

iPad’s are everywhere. Everyone has one. I bet lots of you even have grandmothers that are playing Paper Toss on their iPad right now. Be different! See what else is out there. Why take someone else’s word for it? You don’t even have to take my word for it, this article is just my personal take on the situation. Do your research and make sure you end up investing your money in something that it going to be right for YOU.

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