Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs and Release Info

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released this past spring, which means its almost time for them to start thinking really hard about what their next flagship phone could be. The Galaxy S4 is still destroying the smartphone market right along with Apple’s brand new iPhone 5s, but what should we be expecting from Samsung’s next monster of a smartphone? If some of the rumors going around are in fact true, the Galaxy S5 is going to have a way higher class look and feel to accompany it’s second to none performance. This should be enough to make tons of current Galaxy users very happy.

Apple’s iPhone 5s was the first phone to be launched with a 64 bit processor. But, did you really think that was going to last long? Samsung’s mobile business chief JK Shin recently told Korea Times that the company plans to launch smartphones with the same technology.

“Not in the shortest time,” he said. “But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality.”

64-bit processing:
Samsung also made it a point to mention it’s upcoming 64 but processing technology, saying they will start by using ARM cores but will eventually start to develop their own. This however does not mean that the Galaxy S5 will be launched with a 64 bit processor, BUT, Samsung would be very smart to make that a reality if they truly want their new phone to compete with Apple’s 5s.

Re-Designed body:
Samsung is also expected to ditch the usual plastic design for a more rugged and sturdy design. An “Inside Source” had said that they will be going with an all aluminum chassis. Shortly after, another report from Korea followed with the same information. It is also expected that the Galaxy S5 may adopt some of the rugged features of the Galaxy S4 Active or the Sony Xperia Z1. Korean News outlet ETNews also says that the S5 will be water and dust resistant.

16 MP Camera:
Samsung also revealed that it’s future smartphone being released in 2014 with be utilizing ISOCELL technology. This will allow for more crisp photos in low light settings and much better color reproduction. This would be a fantastic addition to the line of Galaxy phones, considering the S4 did not do so well in any of the low light tests against other current smartphones. Rumor has it that Samsung will be boosting the megapixel count from 13 to 16. This, to my knowledge, has not been confirmed yet.

Android 4.4 KitKat:
Recent reports say that the S5 will ship out with Android 4.4 KitKat. This is not much of a surprise though considering that Google is likely going to expand its newest Android OS as much as possible over the next few months. 4.4 brings some noteworthy improvements including faster multitasking, new immersive mode that hides toolbars and on screen buttons, and a streamlined contacts app. Also, the coolest thing of all… Emoji support. That’s right, I said it.

Release Date:
Samsungs new flagship could come out as soon as January, according to the reports from Korea that came about in October. Insiders at Samsung say that the company plans to release the S5 earlier than expected because of how terrible the S4 sales were. Samsung sold 20 million units within the first four months but the second quarter was way less successful.

On top of shares falling by 13 percent sing April, Apple’s current iPhones are far outselling the current generation of Samsung smartphones. Some reports say that Samsung will be debuting the S5 in February, but this has not been confirmed.

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