Apple is Working on a Curved iPhone

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Apple isn’t going to let LG and Samsung get away with running the new “curved smartphone” market. They apparently have an answer for the LG Flex and the Galaxy Round. Apple is said to be developing iPhones with curved glass screens that have enhanced sensors to detect different levels of pressure, according to a new report.

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Two different models with screens of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches are in the works. Both phones will apparently use glass that curves downward at the edges, Bloomberg reported, citing an anonymous source said to be familiar with the plans. These screen sizes almost rival that of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, which sports a titanic 5.7-inch screen. For its part, Apple’s new iPhone 5S has a 4-inch screen.

The new phones would mosr likely be released in the later part of next year, the source said, also saying that Apple is also testing “pressure-sensitive technology,” which will not be ready for the next iPhone launch.

As of late, curved glass has become a smartphone trend among major tech companies. Samsung released its Galaxy Round phone, which has a 5.7-inch curved display, while LG is set to release its G Flex phone, which is curved from top to bottom.

Apple has not confirmed any of these rumors, and did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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