Top 5 Apps For Finding Fun On The Road


Traveling these days isn’t like it used to be. We don’t feel the need to sight see as much. With social media sites and apps like Instagram, we have access to all of the most beautiful places on earth right at our fingertips. You don’t have to go to France to see the Eiffel Tower, we have all seen it.

To most people, traveling is more so about the experiences that you have along the way. Getting in touch with different cultures and being involved with them. People like to put themselves in situations that they would never find themselves in at home on their couch watching Pawn Stars. But how do you go about finding those fun situations? These 5 apps will surely keep you entertained and getting into trouble throughout your travels.

1. Like Local – Real Recommendations From Real Locals


Want to know where the coolest things you could possibly be doing are located in the middle of Europe? Then Like a Local, a hidden spots uncovered travel app curated by local editors, is for you.

Want to find the night’s most bumpin’ party? Or maybe find out where the best local approved cafe is? It’s all here.

The app uses a real-time stream to show you which places are open and nearby in cities like Munich, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Vienna and Copenhagen. This app gets 5 stars for convenience and is completely free for download on iOS.

2. NOW – Social Discovery in Real Time


With Now, finding cool things to get into is as simple as finding your location, and choosing the type of fun you want to have; sports, food, live music, anything really. It shows real time photos and videos from Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Vine to show you exactly what is going on in the city of your choice. Just click on the picture of the event of your choice, and the app zooms in to its location and shows you exactly how to get there.

This app is 100% free on iOS and is a great way to find hashtag worthy parties wherever you might need to find them in the world.

3. Time To Enjoy – Events When You Want Them, Where You Want Them


This app is basically an event itinerary for any spot in the world, Time To Enjoy syncs with your smartphone calendar, and shows you events in your current city during your free time. If you are the kind of person who schedules time to go sight seeing, but you never have anything planned for the hours before and after, this app is going to make sure your vacation never gets boring. This app is going to find things for you to do at the exact moment you want to do them.

4. LocalMind – Answers From Real Local Experts


LocalMind uses location-based apps like Foursquare to let you ask users who have checked in to a location questions about it, prices, parking, WiFi access, anything that you need to know before you go. It’s also handy when you don’t know the area too well because you can ask locals for help when you get turned around and can’t find something!

On iOS, the app has an Austin-specific update that works perfectly for SXSW that turns off when the festival is over or if you aren’t in town. The Android and iOS apps are free and work in any city across the country.

5. Gravy – Find Fun Based On Your Mood

This is AWESOME! Gravy finds the best events in your area based on your mood. Feeling tired but still want to have a nice time and impress your girlfriend? Click on “Classy” to find a nice wine tasting event. Looking to get crazy and find a new girlfriend? Click on “lively” for listings of the best clubs, bars and live music near you. The app uses your current location to show you all of the events by you based on your mood. You can view all of the events within walking distance or a wider range if you are traveling by car or have a rental.

By using these apps on your smartphone, you’re bound to have a blast, no matter where you are. Have fun and be safe!!

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