New Apple iPad Air Explodes in an Australian Store!


You would never think that one of your favorite Apple products that you let your children play with would double as a
bomb. That’s right, a bomb. Apparently an Apple iPad Air exploded inside a store in Australia! How crazy? After the explosion, the fire department showed up and had to evacuate the store as a result.

The explosion happened in a Vodafone store in Canberra. A Vodafone employee said that a “burst of flames” shot out near the charging port of said iPad Air. Apparently the device had “suffered from extreme heat.”

Luckily no one had been harmed by the exploding device.

A representative from Apple is said to have apparently showed up at the store to collect the iPad Air for testing. Officially, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company provided no comment on the incident.

Also, this is not even the first time that an iOS device exploded. Scary right? In the past instances, however, it was an iPhone that burst into flames. Ironically, the iPhone 4 that exploded was on an Australian flight. Does Apple have it out for Australia or what?

Apple officially announced the iPad Air on Oct. 22. It features a much smaller form factor than previous models and launched in 40 countries on Nov. 1.

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