‘Car Mode’ Concept for iPhone Helps Stop Texting While Driving


Have you ever been on a super long drive, ran out of music to listen to and had your passengers fall asleep on you? It gets boring really fast. Generally this leads to one of the worst and most dangerous ideas you could ever have: texting while driving.

Because of this common problem, New York designer Joey Cofone has developed “Car Mode“. The app supposedly discourages users from using their iPhones while driving.

Still in the concept phase, “Airplane Mode,” Car Mode would be an option in your iPhone’s settings after installing iOS7. You would be able to activate Car Mode automatically after connecting your phone to your car via bluetooth.

The idea is that while in Car Mode, your phone would not allow you to send or view any text messages at all. You would not receive any texting notifications, and an automatic “In Car Mode” text would be sent back to anyone who tried to text you during this time. You would only be able to check your texts or reply to texts when the car is disabled or disconnected. Of course, Navigation and hands free calling would still be functioning as per usual.

Cofone said he had decided not to create Car Mode as a separate app, but had decided to build it into iOS 7, thinking that more people would opt to use it if it was already a part of their phone’s settings.

“It’s all about finding where the fault lies — the opportunity to introduce a solution — and designing from there. In this case, it was the realization that people are good at not initiating texts while driving, but terrible at resisting incoming texts. We created a solution that, once people turned it on, completely eliminates temptation until Car Mode is deactivated,” says Cofone.

Cofone took his idea to the Command X contest and won first place. In this contest, participants were asked to develop a solution for texting and driving in a way that would eliminate it.

Cofone’s work is still in the early stages. He has also not yet contacted Apple about adding Car Mode into iOS (which is odd to me, seems like he’s putting a lot into this to not have at least contacted them). He says that if Apple chooses to use Care Mode that he would like the company to partner with insurance companies to reward safe drivers. That seems like the best part of all this to me, who wouldn’t like lower bills? Am I right?

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