Charging your mobile device… by walking!


How many times have you been away from a power outlet and realized your phone was only at a 20 percent charge? It’s an awful feeling right? And it’s always right when you are in the middle of something important, like an argument with your significant other that you are currently winning. Well, Genneo has figured out a very unlikely source of power: your own movement.

With a standard USB outlet, you can charge your phone, your tablet, your camera, and many other things. The sky is the limit.

The idea came from from Co-founder Blake Isaacs wanting to improve on the design of linear generators and make them more efficient. The same technology is used in shaker flashlights and things like that. But the same generator used in those flashlights isn’t nearly enough to charge a mobile phone at all. After he figured out how to improve the functionality of the generator, he got started on designing this super sleek new product.

There are a few different models out, but the G4000 can deliver up to one hour of talk time to your mobile device for every 5 hours it charges. That is pretty good for something that only requires your movement. I feel like it would probably be a pain to try and charge a dead phone with this generator, but just think about how handy it would be to plug in a fully charged phone right before a long hike or a night on the town and never have to worry about it losing its charge or dying. That would be fantastic.

There is currently a kickstarter campaign going on to fund the production of this device. Personally I hope they meet the goal. I’d like to have one of these bad boys for myself!

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