New Logitech Wireless Keyboard Uses All Light For Solar Battery

Greener_AppleAnother year, another holiday season. Everyone is “Go! Go! Go!” this time of year. It may almost seem an understatement at that actually, but that does mean that it is more difficult to get the things you need to get done, done. Christmas lists are piling up, you need to head to the store and hope that someone didn’t grab the last honey baked ham or turkey, and you still have yet to finish up that business report that is due tomorrow at the meeting. Well don’t worry cause Logitech has you covered! They were even nice enough to cater to the Apple users out there like me. With the new Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 out, being on the go this holiday season might not be as stressful this time around for our tech savvy people out there (hopefully).

Now this new keyboard is designed for Apple and CAN be used for the mac, but the real usage will be seen for people devoted to their iPhones and iPads. It can be a struggle at times trying to type large amounts at such a fast pace on a touch screen, especially if you are used to a keyboard. The solar battery in it is able to convert light energy from all sources, including lamps, so you are not limited to being outside to charge your new toy! Logitech is even claiming that at a full charge, you can go for a solid 3 months with out needing another charge. Even in total darkness you wont need to charge it during that time frame. It is seemingly perfect for the man or woman on the go as it looks sleek and lightweight enough. It even comes tailored to Apple users by the familiar key layout, sporting keys that come standard on any type of Mac device.

This keyboard looks to be something of a “God-send” to all of those who are big wireless users. Especially those who love to work outside or take their work on the road or too their favorite non-stereotypical and unique coffee shop. Eco friendly, practical, sleek, and stylish to boot. Overall the new Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard is something that almost comes to the point of necessity for some cases. The only draw back, it would seem, is that there is not a carrying case for the new keyboard, so carrying it by itself all over the place could seem a bit dangerous. But the price starting at $50 for this bad boy is not bad at all, especially when looking at the usage that can come with it. This definitely is a buy in my book, whether it be for you or for someone’s Christmas list.

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