New bluetooth smartpen for your tablet or smartphone


We all know that in this digital age, most people don’t want to simply write things down on a boring piece of paper with a boring pen. Do you want to be the one lonely person with a notebook and a pencil while all of your friends have iPhones? Of course not! But with the new Livescribe 3 Smartpen, you could have the best of both worlds while one-upping all of your friends and co-workers.

The new product is a followup to the company’s Sky Wi-Fi smartpen that they released last year. This thing can capture anything that you see and hear. Once recorded, all of the information can be sent right to your iOS device via bluetooth.

The smartpen’s app automatically displays all of the recorded data right when you open it with your iPhone or iPad. It is also available on iOS7!

Now, this all sounds really sweet. It’s kindof even sounding like something we would have watched on Star Trek back in the 90’s and never thought to be possible. But my parade got rained on when I saw it was available for the price of $149.99. Worth it? Maybe for some people. There is also going to be a Pro Edition that includes a leather smartpen portfolio with a 100 sheet hardbound journal, also including a one year subscription to evernote premium.

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