iPad Air vs. Every iPad Ever

iPad updateTablets have started to become a very sought after product these past few years. It seems like everyday, much like new cell phones, new tablets are being developed, talked about, marketed, bought, and sold. Ever since about 2010, the tablet market has seen a huge increase in sales, and what other product would show that more than the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad launched a movement that basically started the tablet wars by creating yet another device that could be added to a competitive market. Apple has even done its best to compete with itself by adding to its family of Apple Air products and its iPad products at the same time. Enter the new Apple iPad Air. Yes it does boast a cool design but how good is it really and how does it compare to the other iPads?

The iPad Air comes out of the corner swinging with its new design and higher performance capabilities. Weighing in at only 1 lb and being only 0.29 inches thick has some benefits. The biggest one being the thinnest iPad that Apple has ever produced to date. But the performance of the new tablet is also something that needs to be discussed as well. When put side by side to all of its predecessors, the iPad Air was able to out perform every iPad that came before it and do it such ease. How is this possible? Well the new addition of the A7 chip now working in tandem with the M7 chip has now made the work load for the A7 chip much less as the M7 chip is being used to process all of the motion control operations in the device, leaving the A7 to take on everything else. Teamwork helps!

So now that the iPad Air has come out on top as the king of all iPads (so far) what is left to talk about other than the concern of, is this right for me? Well look at it this way. A $500 price tag will never be an easy thing to swallow no matter what gadget you are getting, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The new iPad Air has already made its claim at being the sleekest, slimmest, sexiest model of iPad to date, that along with its familiar interface and OS, plus top performance makes this tablet one of the best on the market so far. Whether you are a tech lover or just a person looking into getting into tablets, performance and speed are always going to be a huge concern, but it doesn’t look to be an issue for this new tablet. Coming from someone who has never really had an interest in tablets, this is definitely something that I wouldn’t mind seeing under the tree this year.

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