The New Way to Power Your Cell Phone

New Ways To Power Phones
Lately it seems as though smart phones are becoming more and more advanced. They can do countless computations and have hundreds of thousands of apps out on the market. One of the main aspects of cell phones still in need of some improving, in my opinion, is battery life. Many smart phones would be lucky to last 8 hours on a single charge while being moderately used. Luckily, scientists from Vanderbilt University may have found a solution for that issue.Vanderbilt’s scientists have created a supercapacitor that was made from silicon and covered in carbon to help stabilize. It is said to increase the battery life of a cell phone by a week or two. Imagine going on a business trip or family vacation during a long weekend and not needing to worry about losing your phone charger because you won’t even need to charge your phone. That sounds like a dream come true to me.

Before this supercarpacitor was created, silicon was not even considered because of its instability. Right now this supercapacitor is only being tested for cell phone batteries, but this could lead to bigger and better accomplishments in the time to come.

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