Nuance Re-Vamps Dragon Drive App

nuanceHave you ever been sitting at home in the morning debating whether or not to read a few more news articles and risk being late to work? Well, for Mercedes-Benz owners the debate has ended. Nuance, a voice-recognition software company, has re-vamped an app called Dragon Drive. Dragon Drive was created back in 2012 with the intent to allow drivers to read and write emails and texts while on the go. They have now taken it one step further by allowing the app to read news articles out loud upon request by the driver.

One of the main improvements was the app’s pronunciation. The app is said to get better at pronouncing words the more it uses them. The whole purpose behind re-vamping the app and increasing its capabilities is to create a safer way for individuals to access texts, email, and now news articles while on the go. Most people live a very hectic life and this is just one way companies like Nuance are allowing those people to continue enjoying the little things in life such as news articles without taking away from their day.

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