New LG Fireweb Smartphone

Android MarketIt seems that everyone these days is coming out with a new type or brand of smartphone. It has almost become second nature for tech companies and device companies to go into the mobile phone development game. Sometimes these new mobile devices seem to come out of left field though. Mobile tech coming from web browsers is something that is even more uncommon. The new Fireweb Smartphone from LG has done just that and created its own OS to run on the new device. With a new device or phone coming out every week, it can be hard to determine which would be the best choice for the techie on the go. So, is this new phone and OS really something to invest time and money in?

Deciding what device is best for you can always be difficult so lets see exactly what the new Fireweb has to offer. With the device itself being only 4 inches, it seems the perfect size for new smartphone users and savvy users alike. It is also sporting a 1GHz Qualcomm processor and 4 gigs of storage that can be increased. It has been reported that this smartphone is being looked at as an entry level device for people who may be new to the smartphone world. The stock storage and processing power will, in fact, limit how many apps will be able to be on the device. The new Firefox Marketplace will also be making its home on the new device. For those of you who maybe familiar with the Droid Marketplace and the Apple App Store, this new online app store should be relatively familiar and easy to navigate.

With this being an entry level device and not something that is truly breaking any molds, it’s really hard to recommend this device to anyone other than the older generation who want to delve into the smartphone world, or someone who is just new to smartphones all together. A $207 price tag really isn’t all that bad of a price when compared to other devices. All in all, this seems to be a very decent buy for new smartphone users. As for the veterans out there, or the people looking for something a bit more drastic, this phone is definitely a pass. However, it is never too late to get grandma involved with smartphones.

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