No International Roaming Fees for T-Mobile

96107639Some exciting news came from the T-Mobile carrier this week that could mean savings for users. T-Mobile has announced that its Simple Choice users will now be able to get free data and text messages in over 100 countries. For those who aren’t familiar with T-Mobile, users with the Simple Choice plan have unlimited talk, text, and web. Although they are unlimited, all three services had additional fees while in other countries until now. Starting October 31st users of the T-Mobile Simple Choice plan will have free data roaming and texts in many countries including Canada, Mexico, Germany, and more. The new feature for the plan includes business users and individual users. T-Mobile is saying that calls will be an extra fee. The new feature is said to have at least 3G with the possibility of faster data if purchased. T-Mobile also makes it clear that the plan is simply for trips to other countries. They will not allow users to live in other countries and use their plan. All in all I think this is a great feature for T-Mobile to implement. This accommodates individuals who love to travel along with business people who are required to travel for their jobs. It will save those people a lot of money and, I believe, will boost the number of T-Mobile users overall.

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