New Sci-Fi Galaxy Gear Ad Campaign

samsunglogoThere have been many an ad campaign that shows a product to be something almost larger than life. Samsung is no stranger to these types of ads, especially with the recent release of the new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

Marketing strategies for new tech products always do their best to boast a new piece of tech, and will often go above and beyond to make it out to be the coolest thing that could ever be available. Simple marketing strategy but an effective one nonetheless. But is this product actually good enough to be comparing it to “sci-fi” tech, as seen on movies likeĀ The Predator and shows likeĀ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

The new Galaxy Gear has been out long enough for some reviews to spring up from the depths of the internet. While there are many good features to the phone, such as being able to actually make voice calls through the watch, things like a $300 price tag can very easily deter people from the product. The fact that it is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 is something that also greatly limits the products accessibility.After reviews like the one above have been popping up, I find it odd to see it being compared to the huge sci-fi tech that we have seen in the past. With the new ads coming out now for the Galaxy Gear, Samsung is putting a lot of their eggs in the wearable tech basket. While they are very confident, it seems a bit cocky to have this tech, that is still considered very young and impractical in some senses, be compared to our wildest science fiction fantasies.

With the slogan “Its Finally Real” showing at the end of the ad, this new wearable tech has made a pretty lofty claim with very big expectations. I’ve not worked with the product personally but just from research and pure logic, it doesn’t seem to be anything too spectacular, much less a necessity, especially with its limited connectivity to only one Samsung device.

My opinion? Holding off on the Samsung Galaxy Gear until something much better comes out sounds like the best idea.

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