New Self Charging iPhone Case

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Anyone with an iPhone can agree that most of the time, if not all of the time, our batteries seem to be our worst enemies. How many times have you been on the phone during a conversation or looking your Facebook on 17%, only to have your phone die suddenly. Obviously we have all been there, but there may be hope yet. The new Mipwr Dynamo phone case now gives the iPhone users the ability to charge their phones themselves without the use of a charging cord or power station. Needless to say this seems to be a huge necessity to people who are attached to their iPhones.So how does this new phone case exactly charge your phone? Many of us iPhone users out there have seen the phone cases that charge your phone, but only if the case itself is charged. These are good as a back up battery, but again, the case must be charged just like the phone does as well. The Mipwr Dynamo phone case charges your phone through a process called electromagnetic induction. By using the hand crank, the user is spinning a magnet inside the case that creates energy that gets transferred to your phones battery to charge it up, giving you the ability to literally power your phone via you hand and just a small crank that extends from the case.

There is a kickstarter campaign set up to fund the backing of this new product. Sadly enough, this campaign isn’t doing very well and I, for one, feel it would be a shame to see something that could be such a big help to anyone who uses their iPhone religiously, whether it be the high school teen, or the tech savvy business man. So far it is only going to be accessible for the iPhone 5 and 5S, but there are rumors circulating about the case becoming available for the 4 and the 4S. This case is way too good of a product to pass up, especially if your charger is messing up or if you are constantly needing a power source. Practical use for practical people. Here is hoping that this new case finds its way onto shelves sooner rather than later.

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