How to Keep Your Gadgets Safe During Travel

By:Abby Clark

These days, few people go on vacation without their phones and tablets and various other electronic gadgets. Aside from providing entertainment on flights and train trips, and a means of posting those urgent Facebook and Instagram updates, devices often contain maps and/or helpful travel apps. Any internet-enabled device can provide travelers with key information (such . . . → Read More: How to Keep Your Gadgets Safe During Travel

Nuance Re-Vamps Dragon Drive App

Have you ever been sitting at home in the morning debating whether or not to read a few more news articles and risk being late to work? Well, for Mercedes-Benz owners the debate has ended. Nuance, a voice-recognition software company, has re-vamped an app called Dragon Drive. Dragon Drive was created back in 2012 with the . . . → Read More: Nuance Re-Vamps Dragon Drive App

New LG Fireweb Smartphone

It seems that everyone these days is coming out with a new type or brand of smartphone. It has almost become second nature for tech companies and device companies to go into the mobile phone development game. Sometimes these new mobile devices seem to come out of left field though. Mobile tech coming from web browsers . . . → Read More: New LG Fireweb Smartphone

No International Roaming Fees for T-Mobile

Some exciting news came from the T-Mobile carrier this week that could mean savings for users. T-Mobile has announced that its Simple Choice users will now be able to get free data and text messages in over 100 countries. For those who aren’t familiar with T-Mobile, users with the Simple Choice plan have unlimited talk, text, . . . → Read More: No International Roaming Fees for T-Mobile

New Sci-Fi Galaxy Gear Ad Campaign

There have been many an ad campaign that shows a product to be something almost larger than life. Samsung is no stranger to these types of ads, especially with the recent release of the new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

Marketing strategies for new tech products always do their best to boast a new piece of tech, and will . . . → Read More: New Sci-Fi Galaxy Gear Ad Campaign

New Self Charging iPhone Case

Anyone with an iPhone can agree that most of the time, if not all of the time, our batteries seem to be our worst enemies. How many times have you been on the phone during a conversation or looking your Facebook on 17%, only to have your phone die suddenly. Obviously we have all been there, but . . . → Read More: New Self Charging iPhone Case

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