Best Cloud Apps for Business Travelers

By: Leana Thorne

Cloud computing has definitively made a revolution in the business world by enabling industries to implement state of the art technologies at low prices. The emergence of different cloud-based apps significantly reshaped the looks of the modern office because it eliminated the need for hardware equipment. Software that runs in the cloud enables employees to finish parts of their work on the go, which is especially important for frequent travelers.

Best Cloud Apps For Biz Travelers

Therefore, it’s no wonder that employees are increasingly adopting cloud-based apps and moving their brick-and-mortar offices to the cloud. All they need to maintain continuity of their work is a mobile device and a decent internet connection. Here are some of the apps every busy professional must have.

Google Docs

Availability of Google documents has transformed business collaboration and made the employees more productive. With Google’s cloud storage app called Google Drive, all your most important documents, spreadsheets and presentations are constantly available from your Google cloud account. If you’re particularly busy and are working in a team, Google Docs are an excellent option for collaborating with your team members, even while travelling because they allow multiple users to edit the same document in real time. This way, you can be sure your project won’t suffer if you need to go on a sudden trip. In case your internet connection breaks, you can even edit documents offline and the changes will be synced once you’re connected again.


Evernote is another app professionals love. It’s practically an online database of all your quick notes and short reminders. This app allows you to store all kinds of digital files and sync them across multiple devices, so that you could access them whenever you want. Evernote also allows note-sharing among collaborators, meaning that you can get an instant access to the most important outlines from a meeting you were forced to miss because of your trip. Evernote allows taking “ink-notes” and sending scanned documents, which is why it is particularly handy for people on a constant move.


Wunderlist is a task management software for serious professionals that need to be in touch with all the activities related to a project they’re currently working on. Wunderlist is supported on multiple platforms, meaning that you can access it from your iOS or Android device and keep in touch with your team. Here you can assign tasks to different people, make to-do lists and share them with your team members or your family. Therefore, even while travelling, you can easily maintain control over your team and the project being developed.


BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conferencing service that is developed for mobile platforms and allows you to have multi-party meetings from any video-enabled device. It supports sending large files and communicating with multiple team members at the same time. You can join a conference through your web browser, meaning that you don’t have to go through a process of complicated installation. As soon as your meeting starts, you can access it wherever you are and make sure you don’t miss any important announcement.

Leana Thorne is a freelance writer covering various technology themes. She enjoys sharing content – information is power. She is always glad to be of help and never gets tired of exploring valuable information on Internet technologies.”

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