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large-quantity-ipadsThere are so many apps available to consumers nowadays,  it is actually daunting. With so many coming out, even daily, it can be hard to determine which ones might actually be worth your time. We all have games such as Bejeweled and Angry Birds, but what about something designed more for the business man on the go? How about something a little more practical? Enter Google Quickoffice. Now yes, Apple did just announce iWork for free with new Apple devices, but here is the kicker for all of you Google users out there: Quickoffice is free as well.

Free is a term that we as consumers hardly ever see anymore, especially this day and age, so to see something practical AND free at the same time can seem too good to be true. So,first of all, what is Quickoffice? Quickoffice is a software program that enables you to work with Microsoft Office documents with all of your devices. The program also works in tandem with Google Drive storage software to ensure that your files can be viewed and edited anywhere. The Quickoffice app is available on the App store currently as well. Overall it seems perfect for the businessman on the go.

Apps come and go, and we all know that, but it seems to be all too much of a rarity to see a really solid and very practical app come out  for download and be free at the same time! This app is, obviously, specifically designed for a particular market, but that doesn’t mean that the use of this program couldn’t see utilization from other people. Students, kids, and businessmen alike could find excellent use for this app, especially with all of the “less-than-desirable” apps out there. Students can use it for school work without the need of their laptops or home computer, the kids could write a nice letter to Grandma, and our businessmen and women can finally view that Excel spreadsheet without having to worry about their laptops dying while at the airport terminal. All in all this app looks to be one of the best, and cheapest, investments you can make.


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