What is “Dash”?

iDash AppEver heard of an app for your car? Well that’s what “Dash” is. The founders of Dash, Jamyn Edis and Brian Langel, have been working on this revolutionary application for about 15 months now with a small development team.

Dash has a small plug-in that is like a key to plug into your car directly. The software then tells you details about your car through your Smartphone. Dash will tell you information such as when you are braking too hard or when you are speeding. The whole idea behind this app is to help drivers become safer and to save them money. The founders even say it has been beating cars’ check engine lights; alerting the driver to any potential danger due to engine or other car part failure earlier than ever before.

Some of you may be asking, “Are there any other reasons to get Dash?” Well…yes! Not only can Dash save you money, prevent future crashes, and give you a plethora of data all at your fingertips, it also has an incentive program.  Dash can log your drives and rates you on a scale from 0-100. All Dash users’ trips are logged and stored. Based on your scores and how well you are doing against other Dash users you can potentially get rewards such as discounts at certain shops and stores.

Although still in the Beta phase; Dash can be great for anyone and everyone. It can help companies monitor their employees who are driving company cars or parents can monitor their new teenage drivers. The possibilities are endless for this up and coming app.

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