Best Cloud Apps for Business Travelers

By: Leana Thorne

Cloud computing has definitively made a revolution in the business world by enabling industries to implement state of the art technologies at low prices. The emergence of different cloud-based apps significantly reshaped the looks of the modern office because it eliminated the need for hardware equipment. Software that runs in the cloud enables employees . . . → Read More: Best Cloud Apps for Business Travelers

Google Quickoffice App For Free

There are so many apps available to consumers nowadays,  it is actually daunting. With so many coming out, even daily, it can be hard to determine which ones might actually be worth your time. We all have games such as Bejeweled and Angry Birds, but what about something designed more for the business man on the . . . → Read More: Google Quickoffice App For Free

What is “Dash”?

Ever heard of an app for your car? Well that’s what “Dash” is. The founders of Dash, Jamyn Edis and Brian Langel, have been working on this revolutionary application for about 15 months now with a small development team.

Dash has a small plug-in that is like a key to plug into your car directly. The software . . . → Read More: What is “Dash”?

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