Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Set With $800 Price Tag

samsunglogoAnother month, another phone release! It is once again that time! Time to retire your old, and by old I mean barely 3 months old, phone and check out the new models coming out soon! The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is on its way to store shelves very soon. Samsung will host their “Samsung Unpacked 2013” event on the day of the release, which is set to be on September 4th. While there has already been an unpacking event earlier this year, this second event is being speculated to coincide with the release date and price announcement.

Now if you are looking to upgrade your phone or are just looking to get the latest tech, you’re obviously going to want to know what it does and how it holds up against the rest of the competition, so allow me to elaborate a bit more. With so many people always tweeting, calling, and texting on their phones, batter life is usually a big concern for most consumers.  With the Galaxy Note 3 sporting a 3450mAh Lithium-Ion powerpack battery, its shaping up to put the concern of not being able to send that last tweet, to rest. 3GB of RAM is also a nice little touch to the new phone’s capabilities and will definitely allow for smoother app transitions and an overall faster interface use. That new 5.68 inch display screen is looking pretty sleek too. All in all, Samsung is definitely making it seem like they are not holding back with their new “phablet”.

September 4th is right around the corner. If you are looking at this beautiful piece of tech as a possible purchase, definitely stay tuned as an $800 price tag could be pretty hefty. Even with the large price tag, it seems like a phone to keep a very close eye on.

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