Protecting Your Messaging Privacy

Who's looking over your shoulder?

Who’s looking over your shoulder?

I don’t know about you, but I feel agitated about the government having free reign to spy on nearly everything I do, including my phone and text messages. Whether it is personal or business, it is my messaging.  I would think some businesses and corporations would be especially alert to this government practice as some of their business information is sensitive and secretive in nature to protect patents and copyrights.   Apparently many other American citizens feel the same way and the founder of Pirate Bay is doing something about it.

Dara Kerr, a contributor for CNET, is reporting that Peter Sunde is working on an app called Hemlis that will block government and private companies from monitoring people’s messages.    This survelliance free messaging app is supposedly going to be spy-proof.  So spy proof even the developers of the app would not be able to spy on you!

Hemlis, which is Swedish for secret, was chosen as the name for the iPhone and Android app.  The app is based on end-to-end encryption that enables only the sender and the receiver of the message to be able to read the conversation.   There are no plans to use ads or sell user data to advertisers with this app.

There is no announced date for the launch of this app as Sunde and his colleagues are still raising funds to build out the app.  In the wake of the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance program getting outted, I can only guess that this might be one of the most downloaded apps.  I don’t have anything to hide but would sure like to know that my messages are read by only those I intend them for and I will be one of the first ones downloading the Hemlis app when it becomes available.

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