New App is a Compass to Pizza!

pizzaSome apps are extremely useful and practical while some are funny and interesting. And then there are apps that, on the surface, appear absurd but when used are found to be one of the greatest things nobody ever thought of sooner. One such app is the Pizza Compass.

The Pizza Compass app is exactly what it sounds like, an app that allows you to find the nearest, open pizza joint so you can quell that late night hunger. Select a pizza place from the map and the user interface will show you whether or not the place is open or not and how far away it is. In addition to that, the compass arrow is a slice of pizza, which steams the closer you get to the desired location. You also spin the slice to discover which direction your destination is located. This is literally a compass for pizza.

The app comes from Brooklyn agency Oak Studios and artist Daniel Blackman, who describe the app as “the exciting new life-affirming app that helps pizza get to your mouth.” According to Blackman, the app idea came from a night he was out with friends. “I designed it on a Tuesday morning and by Wednesday afternoon the fellas over at Oak Studios joined in and started developing it,” Blackman notes. “Our goal was simple. To create an app that would change human kind for the better, while eating pizza.”

As far as practicality goes, this app is perfect. No longer will you have to use Google Maps or Yelp to find a pizza place late at night only to arrive and discover it’s closed. Plus, just think about how much fun you and your friends could have with this app. I can foresee many late night adventures searching for the best pizza place open at 3:00 am.

Source: Gizmodo – This Brilliant Pizza Compass App Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

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