Last Minute Event Technology Decisions Don’t Have to Be Scary!

Rent Audio Visual EquipmentWhile it is not optimum to have to make last minute decisions, it happens to the best of us.  Technology is a very important key component to successful displays at events, trade shows and conventions.  Your customers look for technology and expect to interact through technology.

But your budget is holding up the white surrender flag and purchasing any more audio/visual or lighting/sound equipment is just not a feasible solution.  Don’t be afraid!  There are great, affordable solutions available for renting the equipment you need for just the amount of time you need.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider renting updated equipment for your next event:

1.     You don’t have time to research new software and hardware but you want the latest in technology.  Renting equipment puts the learning curve behind you.  An army of technologists research, purchase, install and set up equipment every day in preparation for your event.

2.    Time is Money!  Don’t restructure your event around technology.  It is the Tech Army’s job to do all of the work so you don’t have to–from setting up equipment and troubleshooting in preparation of your event to tearing down and removing at the end of the event.

3.    Technology can reduce your printing costs and the stacks of papers that are normally required to give and gather information.  A few portable kiosk stations can provide a way to have customers input information while a video wall can project concise information about your product, leaving more time for you to interact with people at your booth.Rent Kiosks For Any Event

4.    You want people to remember your product and talk to other people about it long after they leave the event.  The right technology will enhance and make everything easier and more convenient not only for you, but for your customers as well.

5.    Remember those kiosks?  Having customers directly enter information into a data base you are securing not only provides leads but better leads because you can actually track which attendees are viewing which products.  Knowing your customers and their behaviors through the data they enter is going to translate into higher sales numbers for you.

Equipment rental does not have to break your budget, but a few well-spent dollars can lead to huge returns down the road.  Dream big and big dreams will come true.

We have a large and varied supply of equipment for rent in over 1,500 cities nationwide.  Our tech army is armed and ready to come to your location when you need us!  Contact a Tech Travel Agent today for assistance in assessing your technology equipment needs.

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