Yet Another Patent Infringement Case Between Samsung and Apple

Samsung Galaxy S4I don’t know about you, but Apple is really starting to annoy me with all this patent infringement nonsense. Just when you thought it was over and the patent war between Apple and Samsung had ended, Apple decides to start it up again. I wonder how long this one is going to take in court?

According to a United States trade agency judge, it has been decided that the text-selection feature on Samsung’s devices infringes on one of Apple’s patents. If this ruling is upheld then it could very well mean the end of U.S. shipments of Samsung devices.

In addition to that, the International Trade Commission judge decided that Samsung did not infringe on Apple’s patent that covers how devices detect whether or not a microphone or other device is plugged into the device’s microphone jack, according to a recent report from Reuters.

However, if the commission agrees with the judge on the text-selection issue then the ITC has the power to stop Samsung from importing a number of its devices that reportedly infringe on the patent to the United States. These devices include the Galaxy, Transformer and Nexus. The full commission, which is capable of upholding or overturning the ruling by the judge, is expected to release its final ruling in August.

Should the ruling be upheld this would be a serious blow to Samsung, especially considering the fact that it is expected to release the Galaxy S4 sometime soon. The S4 will be the next flagship smartphone for the company and is real competition to Apple’s iPhone 5 and rumored iPhone 5S.

Apple is willing to do anything to keep its supremacy in the smartphone market, a supremacy that hasn’t been as, well, supreme since Samsung became a real contender in the market with its popular and successful Galaxy S series.

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