iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 Rumors Dropping Consistently

iPhone 5SApple rumors come out extremely frequently, especially ones dealing with the company’s mobile products like the iPhone and iPad. Well, the rumor mill that surrounds these devices is churning up once again. This time, the rumor is that Apple is prepping the iPhone 5S for a summer release date (presumably August) according to “sources familiar with the plans”.

The next iteration of the iPhone would come with the same design as previous models, though with the addition of a heftier processor and a better camera. Consumers awaiting the new iPad could also get some satisfaction as early as April, according to the sources.

A release date of “around April” for the next version of the iPad has been rumored by the sources. This would likely be the debut of the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2, devices that are being seriously considered by Apple. From the description delivered by the sources, this is hardly a solidified announcement, so take this one very lightly.

However, the rumored release date for the iPhone 5S seems more credible. Other sources have claimed to know of a late summer launch date. One such source is Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities. Kuo projects that the new phone will be announced in June and reach the market sometime in July.

The iPad rumors are still a little sketchy though. It is unlikely that Apple will release the iPad 5 this soon after the October release of the fourth-generation iPad and the March 2012 debut of the third-generation. In addition to that, the iPad Mini 2, which is said to come with a Retina Display, isn’t likely to hit the market anytime soon either, especially since Apple is still enjoying healthy sales of the current iPad Mini.

Even though you may not see a new iPad anytime soon, you can still get your hands on the newest iPad as well as the iPad Mini. If you are just looking to try one out, you need one for school or you need one temporarily for business, then renting an iPad from your Tech Travel Agent is what you are looking for. iPad rentals are perfect for those temporary situations where you need an iPad to help out with organization and mobile computing.

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