Are You an Invisible Exhibitor?

Exhibit AisleWhy do companies go to trade shows?  They will tell you to raise their company’s visibility and build up the image of their corporation.  It is essential, as a company, to be seen at a trade show.  And yet, too many exhibitors end up invisible despite their best intentions.  Could this happen to you?  What makes an exhibit invisible to attendees?

Is Your Trade Show Display Hidden?

Your trade show display will fade into the background like a hunter’s camouflaged clothing in a dense forest on a foggy morning unless your display has enough visual appeal to stand out from the crowd.  You may have put hours of work into your display but if the lighting is dim, or there are small images and unreadable text, bland or too busy, or simply a boring message that doesn’t appeal to your target audience, you may end up with an unremarkable display.

They don’t do this intentionally, but it happens all too often when exhibitors try to put too much on their display.

Did You Do Your Prep Work Before Hand?

If you make contact with your target audience prior to the trade show by calling, mailing, emailing and social media, attendees will know what to look for in their precious time on the show floor.  Advertising ahead of time can give you an advantage over hundreds and sometimes even thousands of other booths.  You must make them see the value in visiting your booth.

You must capitalize on visual intrigue and invest in valuable giveaways to entice them to visit your booth.  You will find you are no competition to other companies that promote themselves well if you haven’t made some investments in promotions.

Are Your Booth Staffers Invisible?

If you booth staffers hide behind tables or sit with their heads down rather than standing out by the aisle, they will disappear from attendees’ view.  Avoiding eye contact with a passerby by burying their heads in a laptop or smartphone could be a death sentence to the success of your display.

Not everyone is cut out to be a booth staffer.  Make sure you bring staffers who can and will engage with attendees as they walk by, no matter if they are gregarious or shy.

Is This The Right Show For My Company?

Your best buyers won’t see you as they walk down the trade show aisle if you’re exhibiting at a different show than the one they are attending.  Do your homework and find out which shows your target audience attends.  You may get lost in the crowd at the big industry show, but sparkle at a smaller show attended by your best customers.  And ask your best customers which shows they attend when they go looking for suppliers.  That’s where you really want to be seen.

Be Seen and Succeed!

While exhibiting can involve all the senses, it is still very much a visual medium.   Do everything you can to ensure your exhibit, staffers, and promotions catch the eye and get noticed.  And be sure you are visible to your best buyers. Some key lighting, sound equipment and a video wall can set you apart from any competitor and engage your target audience in an instant.  Do that, and you’ll be much more likely to see trade show success.

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