No Touch Screen, No Keyboard: Enter Airwriting

Large Screen Rental for ConferenceUpon first hearing about Airwriting, I wasn’t sure if it was the latest music venture of Milli Vanilli or if I should expect Sean Connery in the White House Situation Room barking out commands!  But this is not a joke or a movie – it is reality.   The Airwriting system, developed by German computer scientists at the Karlsruehe Institute of Technology (KIT), is a glove that is designed to allow phone users to write texts in the air.   This new technology involves sensors that are attached to a glove that records hand movements.  A computer system then captures relevant signals and translates them into text.  Their work, research and product development has resulted in an $81,000 grant from Google.

Doctoral student Christoph Amma says, “the airwriting glove is used to write letters into air, as if using an invisible board or pad.  Information technology is used any time and anywhere, but smart phones are still working on the basis of virtual keyboards and small screens.”  However, Amma says this allows gestures for new types of input, particularly in mobile devices or devices integrated in clothing.

Via a wireless connection, tiny acceleration sensors and gyroscopes are attached to a thin glove and hand movements are transmitted into a computer system.    The computer’s first job is to make sure that the movements are actually writing and not doing things like cooking, waving to a friend or doing laundry.
While writing, the system will decode the letters using pattern recognition.  The system currently has a vocabulary of 8000 words and the ability to learn individual handwriting styles.  For every letter of the alphabet a statistical model of the characteristic signal pattern is stored.
Once it has adapted to the individual writing style of the individual user, the error rate drops to three percent from its initial error rate of 11 percent.  The team at KIT is continuing to refine the system as well as making it smaller.  “An unobtrusive wrist band might be feasible,” says Amma.

This will be a technology to keep track of and see which major company will manage to snag it and then what will be the cost once it is released for public use.  Imagine this eye-popping technology being used at your next convention or trade-show!  What a great way to attract attention and engage your target audience.

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