More Travelers Use their Mobile Devices to book Flights and Hotels

Travel Facts About Mobile Search

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For people on the go, Smartphones are proving to be an increasingly essential tool that caters to their travelling needs. With a seemingly endless variety of handsets launching every year, along with a plethora of apps and websites catering to travellers, the future of mobile technology in the travel industry looks sunnier than ever.

Travellers, much like everyone else, love their smartphones. As you will see on the  infographic below, there is a 450 percent increase in usage of mobile devices for travel information since 2009. In addition, the study also showed that 50 percent of online direct bookings will be made on mobile phones by 2017d websites catering to travelers, the future of mobile technology in the travel industry looks sunnier than ever.

This study can be backed by Travelport’s research in 2011 showing a growing number of business travellers demanding more enhanced mobile services before and during their trip. published an article in March 2011 (‘Half of business travelers use mobile to search/book hotels, says Travelport’), to discuss Travelport’s findings. With over 600 corporate travel buyers and agents surveyed, 80 percent of the respondents said that they would like to see mobile applications offering them with the best and highly-suggested restaurants and bars around their hotel location. The study also reports that  67 percent of the respondents would like a similar application suggesting the best recreational activities in the area.

According to Rabih Saab, president and managing director of Travelport’s Middle East and Africa, “At a time when there is increased focus on hospitality innovations, these results affirm the importance of understanding what our business customers want as well as identifying where there is an opportunity to add value.”

Today, there are various browser applications that offer such service as TripAdvisor. But with high demands for travel information, travel and hospitality companies may want to target business travelers in a more effective way.

Hotels must also focus on providing their clients with those essential amenities such as reliable wireless internet connectivity. Today, the demand for Wi-Fi connection is increasing rapidly as more users get hooked on their mobile devices. In fact, the same [research byTravelport] also presented that 71 percent of business travelers consider Wi-Fi as “one of the most important technology solutions that should be included as standard in hotel rooms”. For travelers on a vacation or business, it will be convenient to still obtain a SIM only deal to continuously have an internet connection anywhere you go. With schedules tied outside your hotel for leisure or business appearance, obtaining a ready-to-use SIM card is a cheaper and a more convenient way to connect to your loved ones abroad and check your business while away. A SIM card will be handy in case of emergency when you have to make a call or text, or even send that important business proposal through email. Instead of paying for expensive roaming fees, purchase a local SIM card.

Demand is driving the need for travel suppliers to evolve. In fact, instant service is expected to be on the rise as 60 percent of Smartphone bookings were for same night or next night stay.  As more people start to do their business using their mobile device, travel and hospitality companies must consider this trend as a sign to increase their online presence to generate more sales in this digitally advanced market.


Travelport Research Reveals 56% of Business Customers Use Mobile Technology to Search/Book Hotels

Travel – Facts about Mobile Search [Infographic]

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