Windows 8 App Store Surpasses 20,000 Apps, Halfway to 40,000 App Goal

Windows 8 appsA total of 20,000 apps in an online app store may not seem like much, especially when compared to more than 700,000 apps found in Apple’s app store and the more than 600,000 apps in the Google Play store. However, for an upstart in the app community like Microsoft, 20,000 apps is nothing to sneeze at.

Microsoft surpassed the 20,000 app mark recently, according to Directions on Microsoft Windows app store watcher Wes Miller. The better news is that nearly 18,000, or 87%, of those apps are completely and totally free according to Miller.

These numbers are also worldwide, even though the total number of apps varies by region. For instance, the Windows 8 app store for Canadian users has around 14,000 programs while the United States Windows 8 app store has around 12,675 and the United Kingdom app store houses around 11,000.

What must really tickle the soft spot in Microsoft’s heart is the velocity at which apps are being added to its online market with some 500 new apps appearing each day. At that rate, the store could reach 40,000 apps by the end of the year. In addition to that, this increase should also remain steep as buyers of new Windows PCs during the holiday season hunt for apps for their new computers for weeks to come and developers hastily seek to meet the growing demand.

Regardless, app uploads need to increase even more for Microsoft to meet its goal of 100,000 apps in the store within 90 days of launch, which occurred on October 26, 2012. Comparing the Windows 8 app store numbers to the ones posted by Apple and Google isn’t entirely fair, however, since those outlets service mobile users.

A better comparison would be between the Windows Store and Apple’s Mac App Store. From January 2011 to April 2012, only 10,000 apps were added to the Apple outlet. Uploads at the Windows 8 app store have also been a source of controversy for Microsoft over the past couple of days. The sudden departure of the head of Microsoft’s Windows division, Steven Sinofsky, was attributed by some Redmond watchers to Sinofsky’s conflicts with CEO Steve Ballmer over the pace of growth at the app outlet.

However, the store does seem to be doing well. It will be interesting to see how well it does over the next couple of months and if it will indeed be able to reach its goal of 40,000 apps by 90 days of being released. Only time will tell.

Source: PC World – Windows 8 apps store cracks 20,000, most of them free

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