Apple Could Be Updating iPad this Spring According to Rumors

iPad updateAs if it needed another update, Apple is rumored to be planning another update to the design of the iPad. If past experiences can be used as a guide then the iPad may be in for an update in March or April of this year. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster recently noted that Apple has averaged four months between events since 2009 and has also tended to update its tablet in the spring.

Even though Apple just updated the iPad in October with the introduction of the iPad Mini, it may still debut a new iPad body style similar to the smaller tablet. Munster also added that it is unlikely Apple will introduce an iPad Mini with Retina display given the current iPad Mini supply constraints, so it brings a lot of questions as to what the company may unveil.

Another thing that Apple could be updating is Apple TV, which could bring better software and an early take at an App Store. Munster also noted that he expects to see an Apple TB update within the next six months, especially if Apple plans to launch a television by the end of the year, which Munster said is likely.

According to Munster, “All in all, if Apple does have a Spring event this year, it may not result in significant new products, but we believe the pipeline for the rest of the year, including a cheaper phone and a television, will excite investors about Apple’s ability to innovate.”

Apple has been a leader in the smartphone and tablet market since it debuted its iPhone and iPad devices though has come under a lot of pressure from tough competitors like Samsung. Samsung has gained a lot of momentum in both categories, which has Apple worried. Most of the company’s major product launches have started to occur in the fall, which means that a major update to either the iPhone or iPad may not happen for some time.

Source: CNET – Apple may update iPad design this spring, analyst says

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