The TCEA 2013 Convention is About “Learning in a New Light”

The Texas computer education association is holding its 33rd annual convention this month in Austin, Texas.  From February 4-8 educators from around the country, ranging from system administrators to librarians will have the opportunity to network and learn how technology can be used to innovate the classroom and inspire students.  More than four hundred presentations and hands-on workshops will be available for educators to learn how technology is affecting classrooms around the country.  Presenters share personal experiences and research to show the audience how easy it can be to fuse their curriculum and technology-based instruction to enhance the classroom.
There will be more than 150 hands-on workshops to choose from in which educators supply their own equipment and experience a one to one (one participant to one computer) interaction with other varied gadgets in the classroom.  The Texas Computer Education Association Convention takes pride in its 33rd year of bringing together educators from around the country to maximize the classroom and in some ways the entire educational system.  While the prices for all of the features offered on TCEA’s website are not easy on the wallet, (the premium package priced at $287) it sure will be worth it for the students and faculties of education system in the United States.
If you are planning on attending a convention in Austin, Texas and are concerned with taking your personal gadgets, temporary technology might be just what you need!  Do not hesitate to contact your Tech Travel Agent for the best possible PC & AV rental service in Austin, Texas.

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