Nokia Updates Public Transportation App for Windows Phone 8

Nokia Transit AppNokia recently launched the newest version of its Transport application, which changes the way directions are provided to the user and counts down to the user when the bus or train will be leaving.

Navigation is one of the essential tools that the company hopes will help convince smartphone users to pick up the Nokia Lumia 820 or the Lumia 920, the newest devices from the company running Windows Phone 8.

The transportation app, which is also known as Transit, is a part of the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Version 3.0 of the application has been redesigned with a more intuitive interface, according to Nokia. The app itself helps users find ways to travel by public transport.

The interface has a new segmented map that provides a detailed view of each leg of the user’s trip. In addition to that, users have the ability to tap or swipe on the screen to see each individual leg up close and in depth, according to Nokia.

What’s more is that users can also plan in advance by entering their date and departure time to view their route options or chose to see how many minutes are left until their bus or train leaves as opposed to simply seeing the actual departure time.

The Transit app is available in over 550 cities and 53 countries, according to Nokia, with the newest version available for download on the Windows Phone Store. Nokia also recently introduced a new beta version of Nokia Transport for Windows Phone 7, which has a similar feature set and design, and an update to Nokia Transport for Symbian.

Nokia is hoping that this will be enough to at least pique interest in its Lumia devices, though that seems a lot like putting all your eggs into one basket. I simply don’t think that this app has enough appeal to pull users away from other smartphones like the Galaxy S III or iPhone 5.

Source: PC World – Nokia updates Windows Phone 8 public transport app

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