Intel Prepping “Yolo” Smartphone for International Customers

YoloIntel has partnered with integrated communications provider Safaricom to provide a new, entry-level smartphone that has been designed for developing markets. The only unfortunate thing about this is the nickname that the phone is being called, “Yolo”. I cannot make this up.

Stupid naming aside, this phone is powered by an Atom Z2420 SoC, a 1.2GHz chip based on a 32nm process with support for 1080p video 8MP picture capture. The phone will be Android-based, though the company didn’t indicate which version of Android the phone would support.

It was announced that this phone will have a 3.5″ HSPA+ screen and support for global roaming. Intel’s Regional Director for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa,¬†Aysegul Ildeniz, was very talkative on the new handset’s potential appeal to African customers.

According to Ildeniz, “The new handset extends the benefits of Intel technology to more smartphone users around the world and we believe that Kenyan consumers will welcome the increased functionality and overall value of the device.”

General Manager for Safaricom’s Consumer Business Unit Peter Arina also highlighted the phone’s cost-effectiveness. He stated, “The Intel-based Yolo smartphone strikes a unique balance between price and performance — we consider it to be a real breakthrough.”

Initial pricing of the Yolo is around $126US and includes 500MB of free data service. Intel has been working to increase its presence in the mobile market, making an impact with the Droid Razr. Intel hasn’t been bold enough to challenge the dominance of ARM in the United States directly as no major Intel-powered device has been made available to U.S. customers.

Despite the completely horrible name, this phone doesn’t seem too bad. Unlimited international roaming is definitely a great feature, as is the relatively low price point. It’s hard to say how successful this phone will be, especially since there is no word on U.S. availability and the fact that Intel has next to no foothold in the states either.

Source: PC World – Intel bringing ‘Yolo’ smartphone to untapped foreign markets

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