Nokia Launching New Flagship Lumia Smartphone on Verizon

Nokia Lumia 900Nokia has just announced that it is readying a new flagship smartphone for Verizon Wireless. Verizon is expected to carry the Lumia handset later this year, which is codenamed Laser and is said to be a variant of Nokia’s Lumia 920, though it is still unclear what kind of features the handset will offer.

According to The Verge, who was the first to report on the news, Nokia’s device will on the same playing field as the other flagship devices that Verizon currently has to offer, including the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5. CEO for Nokia, Stephen Elop, also hinted at a flagship phone for Verizon in an interview with CNET last month.

The addition of a new flagship device on Verizon’s network would greatly compliment Nokia’s Lumia 822, which is currently free on Verizon with a new 2-year contract. However, that isn’t all the new Nokia news that has sprouted up recently.

In addition to the new flagship rumors, the company’s Lumia 900 is expected to be receiving the upgrade treatment, this time to Windows Phone 7.8. This update is said to be happening as early as next week. Windows Phone fan site WP Central recently reported that the operating system update will be coming to AT&T Lumia 900 customers starting on January 30.

The blog is also basing this information on an internal AT&T email that it claims to have obtained dealing with the update. Windows Phone 7.8 was announced last year alongside Windows Phone 8. Products currently running Windows Phone 7, like the Lumia 900, were unable to be updated to Windows Phone 8, forcing Microsoft to build an upgrade for customers who would have been shafted.

Windows Phone 7.8 includes a ton of changes, including a new Start screen, new theme colors and an improved lock screen. In addition to that, the update will be made available free of charge to Lumia 900 owners. Other than that, there is no more real information on either the Lumia 900’s update to Windows Phone 7.8 or this new, rumored flagship device heading to Verzion.

Source: CNET – Nokia to launch flagship smartphone on Verizon this year — report

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